Hello world, how to help yourself keep marriage?

Married life is a bliss and marriage relationship is cherished………………..
If you are reading this blog then maybe, just maybe there is some rift in your marriage,
some unpleasantness, some souring of your relationship, may be communication is not that effective any more,
maybe there is some resentment.
Well………. Are u living like just roommates?????
I just hope I can give you some advice on a successful relationship.

Please stop, think, no matter how tough it is “ask yourself”.

· Is this the marriage I dreamt of?

· Is this what is want out of life?

· Is there anything I can do to save my marriage?

Please take action now, even if you are the only one wanting to do so, wanting to keep your marriage. The first thing you must do is accept the situation as a given. Acknowledge your spouse’s unhappiness. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with your mate’s reasons. Nor does it necessarily mean accepting your partner at her word if she says that she’s leaving.
It does mean that you need to accept the fact that your spouse is unhappy and has been unhappy for some time.

Maybe it has gotten to the point where you are past the constant fighting and all your relationship consists of now is the occasional nod to each other. Like living with a roommate. Is there any marriage to save?

Take action before you become just another statistic of divorce.

Remember there is still hope, remember God loves you and He wants you to Love.

See how one positive step by you begets another.

Just make an effort, a commitment a promise to yourself and follow this advice.

· Show that you CARE, show that you are concerned.

· LISTEN willing fully.

· Focus on REPAIR; see where you can fix the problem.

· When in DOUBT, seek help.

· Also, have FAITH; believe me this will be on great help.

I am sure that this will be of some help to you, to know more and to really make a difference

Please visit http://helpkeepmarriage.com even if you are the only one who wants to see your marriage work.


September 3, 2008 at 6:41 am 2 comments


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